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No horses...

No horses... ...no manure

No one under 18 is permitted at any 8:45 Saturday show. The shows on Thursdays and Sundays are discounted for families but there is no difference in "adult" content.

If you have never been before and are bringing kids who are not permitted to watch Family Guy (or other Seth McFarland fare or South Park or...), this may not be for you. No nudity or F bombs but definitely bawdy. Some parents find it helpful to bring at least one youth to explain the dirty jokes.

  • A woman walks into a hardware store and says "I wanna hinge"  The guy behind the counter asks "You wanna screw for that hinge?"  She answers "No, but I'll blow you for the toaster".

That's about as bad as it gets. We can alert you of similar content if you'd like to sit in the lounge while waiting for the ballads.